Some interesting things about digital transformation Carrie Barclay, 11 July 2014 — Transformation Government is building digital services that are simpler, clearer and faster to use. GDS is working with 8 government departments to build 25 exemplar services. Read more Making prison visits easier to book Mike Bracken, 8 July 2014 — GOV.UK HMP Rochester HMP Rochester is one of a handful of prisons that helped the Ministry of Justice test early versions of a new digital service, the Prison visit booking exemplar. Read more What we mean when we say “service transformation” Mike Bracken, 3 July 2014 — Transformation Carer's Allowance letter There’s a letter that gets sent out to some elderly people who make claims for Carer’s Allowance. Read more — 2 comments How we make films at GDS Giles Turnbull, 2 July 2014 — GDS team GDS YouTube channel We’ve made quite a few films in the last year or two. Recently, a few people have got in touch to ask how we do it. The long answer to that is very long. Read more — 10 comments Find us elsewhere online Giles Turnbull, 27 June 2014 — GDS team, GOV.UK Find us elsewhere online GOV.UK As well as this blog, GDS has a small selection of accounts on various social media networks and other web services, and we thought it would be useful to publish a list of them here. Read more — 1 comment The tricky topic of governance Ashley Stephens, 25 June 2014 — Transformation Governance for service delivery When we’re working with the 25 exemplar services, the transformation team often get asked how to govern service delivery in an agile world. Read more — 1 comment Previous page Next page 1 2 3 4 … 60 Government Digital Service The Government Digital Service (GDS) is leading the digital transformation of government. Find out more. What we do Work for us Find out about current vacancies at GDS Follow @UKGovDigiJobs Sign up for updates Email Atom Follow us GDS on Twitter GOV.UK on Twitter UKGovDigiJobs on Twitter YouTube Flickr Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest #StartAtGOVUK Help deal with misleading websites